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Wine On Tap

Benefits For Restaurants:

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Re-usable kegs holds the equivalent of 26 bottles - Reducing the carbon footprint of the wine significantly through (1) greater efficiency in shipping of the wine; and (2) reducing waste/trash by eliminating the need for glass, cork, capsules.
  • Freshness
    First glass as fresh as the last. The tap system uses inert gas to preserve the wine as it is pushed through the system, thus eliminating oxidation and preventing spoilage.
  • Convenience
    Kegs are more compact and take up less inventory, trash and recycle space than 26 bottles.
  • Improved Profitability
    Industry average waste of by the glass wine
    programs is 10-15% - eliminating this waste significantly improves the profitability of your wine program.

Interested in offering wine on tap at your restaurant? Fill out the form or call us at 407.730.3082.

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Quantum Leap Winery Keg

Wine On Tap System

  • Kegs
    5.16 gallon = 26 bottles = 130 (5oz) glasses, reusable, 304 gauge stainless, 9.4”w x 20.6”h
  • Inert Gas
    Wine is pushed out of keg with inert gas which then prevents oxygen from getting to the wine thus maintaining the wine’s freshness. We recommend a blend of Nitrogen and CO2 (Guinness Blend).
  • Draft System
    Beer lines cannot be used for wine. A higher grade of stainless steel (304) and special tubing is required to maintain the wine quality and hold up to the higher acidity and alcohol found in wine.
  • Cleaning
    The higher acidity and alcohol in wine keeps the lines cleaner longer, our recommended cleaning is once every two months.
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Why Quantum Leap For Wine On Tap?

Visit Quantum Leap Winery in Downtown Orlando to see how the system works in person. Call or email us to make an appointment and click here for directions.

Local Company -­‐ Great Quality Wine
  • The kegs go full circle from and to our facility and are not being shipped across the country to be refilled – thus providing more carbon footprint savings than other keg filling options.
  • We are a local negociant-­‐style winery in Orlando, FL – our wines are sourced from around the world from premier wine growing regions. We have a great selection of wine to fit your style and price needs.
  • We can connect you with a company that can help with everything from installation, equipment selection to trouble shooting if necessary.
Quantum Leap Winery Keg
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