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The Best of Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate 2018! SOLD OUT!



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Join us for Wine, Chocolate, and Cheese Perfectly Paired Best of the Best Edition on Friday, December 28th from 7-9pm at Quantum Leap Winery.

Join us for the best pairings of 2018! These pairings were the hands-down favorites and you get to experience them all in one class.  This class includes favorite wine, and cheese and chocolate pairings for the class of 5 wines, 5 cheeses, and 5 Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park chocolate confections.

Who are the members of the Tasty Trio? They are food and wine experts with a passion for teaching-- Tonda Corrente is owner of La Femme du Fromage, Lisa Wilk is founder of Orlando Uncorked, and Jill Ramsier is a co-owner of Quantum Leap Winery.