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The Quantum Leap Business Model

Equal to Jill and David’s appreciation for wine, is a mutual concern and respect for the environment. A core value of their business plan is to find an environmentally friendly solution for transporting wine to markets and ultimately the consumer.

Their strategy is simple and defines the term Quantum Leap – reinvent the wine-to-market delivery process.

Currently, all wine is finished, blended and packaged in the major grape growing regions around the world and then shipped in bottles to destinations where it will be purchased and consumed.

The Quantum Leap Winery model is to search for good quality, sustainably grown wine, wherever it is around the world but to transport it in large vessels to the Orlando winery. It is in this facility where wine will be stored, finished, blended and packaged. Jill and David know this process substantially reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional wine production.

Quantum Leap’s vision and evolution includes that beyond bottling wine locally, Quantum Leap wines will be packaged in low carbon footprint vessels such as kegs, pouches or boxes. These environmentally conscious practices offer consumers the unique pleasure of enjoying quality wine from a local winery while also respecting our environment.

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Jill Ramsier
David Forrester
David Forrester
Norman Saley
Jen Marion
Jen Marion
Matt Uva
Chris Perez

Meet The Team

Owner - Jill Ramsier

Jill fondly remembers visiting Napa Valley on family vacations with her parents – she may not have been able to drink back then but she became intoxicated by the beautiful landscape and delicious aromas of wine country.

She pursued a career in marketing in the hospitality industry and has 10+ years in management positions and extensive experience in marketing and food & beverage. Most recently she was CMO of Ruth’s Hospitality Group, Inc. where she continued to fuel her passion for wine. In May 2012, after over a year of planning, Jill decided to pursue her passion and take the leap into the wine industry.

Jill Ramsier

Owner -David Forrester

David was introduced to fine wine by a college roommate who had a 1,000 bottle cellar when he was 22. This same roommate gave David and Edna a case of Chateau Margaux as a wedding present and David's love affair with wine was sealed. Throughout a business career blending Fortune 500 experience, successful entrepreneurial ventures and business turn-around consulting, David has pursued his love of wine through travel, purchase and consumption. After selling his successful recycling company David decided to marry his love of wine with his commitment to sustainability through the creation of a carbon footprint friendly winery.


Wine Maker - Norman Saley

With over 17 years of wine making experience – much of Norm’s life has been dedicated to great wine. Norm oversees all aspects of our wine and cider making process and ensures they meet our high standards. Prior to joining Quantum Leap in 2014, Norm was the winemaker for Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards in California.


Private Event Manager – Jen Marion

Jen is a hospitality professional with over 20 years of experience. Her customer service focus makes her a great fit for overseeing our private event business – from small intimate events to large galas – Jen’s goal is to ensure you have a memorable experience. Prior to joining Quantum Leap in 2013, Jen worked at Ruth’s Chris Steak House Inc. for over 9 years in a variety of positions.

Jen Marion

Sales Manager – Matt Uva

Matt’s day to day responsibilities include a little bit of everything. He manages our tasting room and wine club and is our resident wine guru handling much of the wine education at the winery. Prior to joining Quantum Leap in 2014, Matt was Wine Director for a large chain of wine and spirits stores in New England.


Cellar Master – Chris Perez

Chris joined us back in 2012 and is the winemaker’s right hand and takes care of the cellar and winery maintenance, including barrel and keg management, and winery upkeep. Chris’s interest in wine started with his family and from travel, but his passion has grown through working with wine over the past 5 years. Prior to joining Quantum Leap, Chris spent 8 years as a master carpenter and before that was a chef at a Caribbean restaurant.

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Why Make A Quantum Leap?

It’s all about the love of wine and friendship. Jill Ramsier, a former food and beverage industry executive and David Forrester, an environmental industry pioneer, demonstrate a quantum leap of faith in their shared affection and knowledge of wine and wine-making, but also in their respective areas of expertise. As a restaurant industry and marketing executive, Jill can appropriately be described as smooth, bold and surprising. Meanwhile, David, a financial and logistics expert, can best be described as powerful, earthy and complex.

They’ve designed the Quantum Leap Tasting Room for sophistication, comfort and conversation, validating the concept that great wine and those who love great wine deserve a great space. Their standards are high; Jill and David will partner only with high-quality producers from the world’s premier wine-growing regions. Their mutual experience in business and in wine is the blend that propels their Quantum Leap.

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Outside view of quantum leap winery

We Invite You To The Tasting Room

Come in and enjoy wines made from the world's premier growing regions, shop for art and merchandise, enjoy select cheese, charcuterie, and chocoloate options while you soak in the ambiance of our Tasting Room.

  • Tasting Room Summer Hours
  • Tuesday-Friday 2pm - 8pm. Saturday 12pm - 8pm*
*Please note that we occassionaly close early for private events.

1312 Wilfred Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Complimentary tours are available during winery hours upon request, subject to staff availability. Private group tours, tastings and private events are available, to inquire about availability please call 407-730-3082 or email info@quantumleapwinery.com.

Quantum Leap Winery Quantum Leap Winery Quantum Leap Winery Quantum Leap Winery
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